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This is the official website of the Leonardo Da Vinci Development of  Innovation project “Intelligent Furniture  – Training for Design, Environment and New Materials in SME’s”

The project presentation in Italy

The project presentation in Italy

The project

 “Intelligent Furniture” develops and improves professional education methods and contents for designers, entrepreneurs and the staff of SME’s in the interior design and furniture sector through a cooperation between project partners from Italy, Finland, Germany and Spain. During the project training concepts and materials for specific training modules will be developed and tested in different local contexts. This will create new strategies, processes and contents for Life-Long-Learning. Our European partnership and network will create new best practices and innovative methods for training.

SME’s in the furniture sector need to focalize their products on specific markets and innovations: service design, new technologies, marketing image, innovative materials, Design for All (Universal Design) and customer oriented design. Specific product concepts are increasingly important and human resources in SME’s need to be trained to face new opportunities.

Three specific Trainingpackages will be developed by the partnership, treating some important items for Design in the furniture sector, especially in view of their use inside Small and Medium Enterprises:

– Design for All

– Service Design

– Image, Branding and Heritage of Furniture

The Trainingpackages will then be  tested in the four partner-countries in order to define and finalise them on the base of the made experiences, so that useful contents and methods for VET-actions will be produced, suitable for Designers, entrepreneurs and management personal of SME’s in the furniture sector.

The Launch Event with Entrepreneurs in Pistoia

The Launch Event with Entrepreneurs in Pistoia

The main goals of the project are:

1. To increase the competitiveness in the furniture sector the creation of efficient strategies, processes and contents for Life-Loing-Learning

2. To create innovative tools and forums for local and transnational networking.

Subsequently, the expected results are new education models for an increased competitiveness in Interior Design and the Furniture Sector and especially:

– New methods to respond to the increasing needs of the adult education and LLL in the industry

– New abilities for creating sustainable service systems for SME’s to increase competitiveness

– Creative processes for improving the skills of designers

– New customer oriented ideas, concepts and marketing strategies through training and networking

– Developing methods and effective strategies for future-oriented design and production processes

New education methods, models and contents for interior design and furniture enterprises

– More innovative services

Redesigning of furniture archetypes